Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hurray for Daddy!

Just wanted to say how good it is to have Daddy home again! Kinley walked across Erik and Sally's living room with very wide eyes and smile when he say Daddy again for the first time. I don't think I held him for more than a few seconds for the rest of the night and he hasn't wanted Chris too far from his sight today. God new what he was doing when he created "family". It is so nice to be under the protection and love of a wonderful, Godly man.


Sally Parmenter said...

It was cute to see Kinley patting and loving his Daddy. Anna loves her bracelets and scarf. She took them to school with an atlas to show her classmates and tell them about India. Thank you Uncle Chris!

Laura said...

hey mandy! glad yer hubby is he's got some super great God stuff to tell!
Hey, i joined the blogging world if you want to visit me:
hope to see you soon!

Kim said...

Yea! Chris is home. I bet that you guys are thrilled to have him back, but I imagine he had a life changing experience as well. Those kids know their daddies don't they?