Thursday, August 19, 2010

Miller Park Zoo

The kids popping up like ground hogs.

Kinley petting the goats.

Kinley and David on the caterpillar.

Checking out the monkies.

Looking at the wallabys.

Joshua's first hair cut

The Fair

Joshua got a little tired of the stroller!

Kinley loved the rides!

Vacation to the Smokies

Riding the tram up the side of the mountain!

Ready to ride the tram.

All smiles for vacation!

Jess and Drew went out to eat with us for steak! Yummy!

Kinley LOVED playing in the mountain stream!

Daddy and his load.

Mommy and Joshy at the Aquarium.

Kinley at the Aquarium.

On our way!

We're still Here

Wow! A long time has passed since I last blogged! We've gone through some ups and downs in the last four months, but our faith remains in Jesus, the one who remains the steadfast through it all. Since my last post was in April, I will try to hit the highlights of the last four months.
I turned 30 in May and I feel old....not really....I don't feel much different at all....Chris had a family surprise party for me which was sweet and fun.
June....Our little Joshua turned one!!! He is such a sweet little guy! He started really crawling at 12 and 1/2 months...He is all over now and pulling up on EVERYTHING! I'm so thankful for him! We went to the Smoky Mountains with my side of the family. We all stayed in one big house which the kids called "the castle". It was a lot of fun even though all of the kids except Jessica came down with a fever bug either while we were there or soon after we got home. Kinley's favorite part by far was the Aquarium which had a really cool tunnel that you walked through with sharks and other fish all around you. He was was Joshua. Kinley didn't know what to do for a few days when we got home and his cousins weren't there 24/7 to play with him.
July....we swam a lot in my Mom's pool...both boys LOVE the water! We also enjoyed the Iroquois County fair watching Cory, Emily, and Austin show their pigs and Jess and Katie dance in the talent show...and of course the yummy food!!!
Living Hope also had tent meetings for four days which were awesome!
August....Mom and Chris' birthdays....hotness....enjoyed a day at Miller Park Zoo yesterday which was a lot of fun!!!
Over all it has been a great summer! I'm enjoy my boys...all three of them and our life together. Excited to see what God has in store for us!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Long time, no blog

Wow! it has been a really long time since I wrote anything. Things have seemed pretty busy crazy here lately. First of all, we are finally moved into the new addition. There are still little details to be done, but it is so great to be able to move in! The boys are both doing great in their new rooms! And so are Mommy and Daddy!
Kinley boy is still in the process of potty training. I am trying big boy underwear this week again. So far we've had quite a few accidents and a frustrated Mommy and Kinley. He does great with telling me when he has to go poo, but for some reason doesn't want to tell me when he has to pee. I'm not giving up this time though!! I'm open to any suggestions. Other than that he has been so happy to be able to outside and play and go see the chickens next door again, which has been fun for all of us. :)
Joshua turned 10 months old yesterday, which is so hard to believe. He is still a very easy baby. He has changed a lot just in the last two weeks . . . he is really bouncy now, more talkative, and is starting to act like he wants to MOVE! He doesn't get to far yet, just scoots in a circle or backwards. :)
I'm so thankful for my boys, including the big boy. :) My heart overflows with thankfulness to our awesome God who covers me in His grace each day as I care for these wonderful little people.

Friday, February 26, 2010

8 Months

Well, our little Joshua is 8 months old as of February 19th. He is still a very relaxed, easy baby. He hasn't even started rolling around on the floor yet, he just lays there and watches Kinley or entertains himself with whatever toys are lying near. Honestly, it is a lot easier for me being mommy, but I wonder when he will decide to move? Anywho, he is also teething his four top teeth right now and wants to chew on everything. He's still smiley though for the most part.
Kinley is a great big brother, however, he has started to get upset if Joshua reaches for his animals or blocks . . . the fun begins. He gives Joshua lots of hugs and kisses though and wants him close most of the time throughout the day.

In other news: Olivia and Jake tied the knot this past Saturday. It was a beautiful wedding and a fun reception! So happy for them both! It was a great date night for Chris and I since the boys spent the night at Chris' mom and dad's house. We even got to dance a couple of dances! Can't remember the last time we did that?

House news: All we have left is a little electrical, which should get done tomorrow, and then we can have inspections and move in!!!! I'm a little excited!!!!

Sorry for the random post!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

6 Month Check-up

Joshua had his six month check-up/shots today. He weighs 20 pounds and is 28 and 3/4 in. long. He is a solid little guy! :) That is almost 4 pounds heavier and 1 and 3/4 in. bigger than Kinley at 6 months. :) It will be fun to see them both as they grow. He did great with his shots, just cried a little and made his sad face which we don't see very often. And he has exema like Kinley did/does too. :( We have some special cream now, so hopefully that will help. I'm so thankful for my little 20 pounder!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


As I look back on 2009, I am so thankful for all that God has done in us and for us. First of all, for a clearer revelation of the Cross and all that Jesus did for us there . . . "It is finished!" Praise God! He is truely an awesome God! I am also so thankful for our little Joshua given to us in June. What a blessing and miracle he is. I thank God for giving us such an easy going baby. His sweet smiles and giggles make my days so joyful! I can't believe he is already 6 months old! And of course for my Kinley boy who is my buddy in so many ways. I really enjoy spending time with him and hearing all of his discoveries and thoughts. I pray that he will have a revelation of Jesus in his young heart! He loves to go to Wal-Mart and the grocery store with me and he is really good about riding in the cart, even though his long legs barely fit in it anymore. :) He is ready to go somewhere most days, it doesn't really matter where as long as we're together. I thank God for his sweet spirit as well. And my Christopher, what can I say about thee . . . I am so thankful for him in my life, my partner in all things. I am so glad that I can relax and just enjoy being his wife and spending time with him. That I don't have to strive to please him, we can just "be". . . the same as my relationship with Jesus (I'm learning), no striving, just being with Him and turning my eyes and heart upon Him. I am blessed so much and I haven't even mentioned my family beyond my boys who I am so blessed by-especially you, my sister, Sally! My church family, the new addition being done, the list could go on . . .
When I look forward to 2010 I pray that my faith would remain steadfast in Christ, the author and finisher . . . the rest will fall in line.