Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bathing Pooper

Yes, you guessed correctly. Kinley pooped in the bathtub AGAIN! Yuck! At least this time it was time for him to get out instead of at the beginning. I tried to get him on the potty, but I was too late. I bleached all his bath toys this morning. I hope this doesn't become a regular thing.
Kinley and I went to Fiesta with my mom. It is really nice if you haven't been in it since the flood. I highly recommend going. Afterwards we went for a walk. It is so nice to be able to be in the fresh air, and Kinley absolutely loves being outside. We got to visit with Great Grandpa and Grandma Johnson too which was fun!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ode to the Swiffer

I just have to say that I am in love with my swiffer! I bought a Swiffer wet jet two weeks ago, and I love it! I was not good at getting mopping done, so this is a big help. I still have to scrub tough spots with a rag, but other than that I love it. The wet jet came with a duster stick and pad, so I thought I would try that too and low and behold I love it as well! I dusted everything in my house, pictures, baseboards, plus the normal stuff all in like fifteen minutes! Yee-ha! Cleaning is not so bad anymore. Just thought I would share!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Back to Reality

Well, it is back to reality today. Chris and I had a great time getting away. We stayed at the Baymont Inn in Lafayette. It was nice, and I sat in the hot tub which was wonderful! My husband took a nap during this--party pooper. Anyway, we walked around the mall and Chris got me some new clothes for my birthday. :) We ate supper at Texas Roadhouse which was awesome! We both had steak. YUMMY! Kinley stayed with my mom and didn't seem too excited to see us when we got home. I guess that means we can stay away longer next time! :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Getaway Time

I'm anxiously awaiting this weekend. Chris and I are going to go away for a night. I know it is only one night, but I am really looking forward to just getting away from the every day things. I think we are going to go to Lafayette. We haven't stayed there before. Kinley is going to stay with my mom so I hope he sleeps ok for her. I think he might be getting his eye teeth. Ouch! Poor thing. Well, I hope you all have a great weekend!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend Fun

Hope you all had a great weekend! We did. We had a friend over Friday night that we haven't seen in awhile. It was good to catch up. Saturday Kinley and I ate at Monicals with Sally, Anna, David, Mom, and Drew. Yummy! We also watched Alvin and the Chipmunks at Mom's which was really cute. Then Saturday night we went to Jason and Laura's house for supper. We had yummy lasagna. Thanks Laura! Today we had a good service at church. The message was on the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongues. I only caught part of it because I was in the nursery, but what I heard was good. Ben just went scripture by scripture. We ate lunch at Chris' mom and dads and Kinley and I just got back from my mom's where we ate supper. It was a busy weekend but fun. In case you are wondering, the picture is of Kinley's pile of clothes after he has unloaded his bottom two drawers, which he does at least once a day. Just thought I would catch it on camera. He has also been putting any clothes he can get his hands on of Chris and mine on the floor and rolling on them. Not sure what that is about but it is cute. :)
I also wanted to say a little bit about my sister, Sally since it is her birthday today.
So, these are the top 5 reasons why I love my sister. (in no special order)
1. She is always there to listen to me, even if I'm just rambling
2. She loves me enough to tell me the truth when I need to hear it
3. Her heart for worship and to see others enter in to worship
4. The way she loves her kids and husband
5. Her love for Christ and others
Love you sister! Happy Birthday!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Exciting Times

Well, it was an eventful night last night. Kinley decided to climb to a standing position on a kitchen chair to get to Daddy's cigarettes last night. Side note: Chris is still struggling with this so please pray for him. Anyway, he had put them up on a shelf we have in the kitchen. We were in the other room watching American Idol when I heard Kinley start to gag. I ran into the kitchen and found him spitting pieces of cigarette onto the floor. He had only put one in his mouth and thankfully we found most of it on the floor. Needless to say we had a tense couple of minutes. I have to admit I lost it for a few moments. The event didn't seem to effect Kinley a whole lot besides crying when we told him no. He acted fine and went to bed fine 20 minutes later and slept all night. I on the other hand checked to make sure he was still breathing before I went to bed and didn't sleep real well the rest of the night.
On a brighter side, Sally, Anna, and David and Marci, Emma, Leah, Abby, Kinley and I went to a petting zoo today put on by the FFA kids in Crescent City. They enjoyed the animals. Kinley especially liked the turkeys. His cousin Cory let him in the pen with some goats and little pigs. Then we went to the playland at McDonalds in Kentland, which was fun. Kinley is sound asleep now and I am hoping he takes a really long nap today. Well, have a great weekend!

Monday, April 7, 2008

What is that?

Well, I had my first experience with Kinley pooping in the bathtub Sunday morning. Yuck! At first I just looked at it floating there thinking what is that? Then it struck me as I grabbed Kinley right before he touched it. With Kinley screaming because he loves his bath, I got it out, let the water drain, wiped the tub out with clorox wipes, then refilled the tub with water for him. He of course quit crying as soon as I put him back in the tub. I just hope that is the last experience with poop in the bathtub! :)

Friday, April 4, 2008

God is Good.

I have to admit that the last few months I have not been spending time in the word or much in prayer. I'm just so thankful that God gently draws us near again and again even when we have been unfaithful to Him. He really spoke to my heart this Wednesday and I just need to share. On the way to Olivia's house for Bible study I was praying for forgiveness for being lazy in my relationship with Him. Then, when I get there, Marci shares that God gave her a verse out of Isaiah. It was about women at ease and complacent with God and of course how we should NOT BE. It was such a conviction to my heart! We spent some time in prayer listening to what God would have to say to us and God spoke to me: Col. 3:2, which I had no idea what that verse was. When I went there it was: "Set your mind on heavenly things not on the things on the earth." As many of you know I have been wanting to add on or move for quite some time now. In and of itself is probably not a bad thing, but it had been consuming me. It was also taking a toll on my relationship with Chris. I know I need to submit to Chris in this decision and ultimately to Christ. This verse brought me back to the realization that the things of this earth don't really matter, and I need to keep my eyes and heart on Him!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

What's in here?

My son loves to load and unload laundry baskets and hampers. It doesn't matter if the clothes are clean or dirty. I try my best to keep him from the dirty clothes, but it doesn't always work. I find his dirty clothes back in his drawers and clean clothes in his hamper. Oh well. . . he enjoys his "job" of helping with the laundry. :) Thought I would share this picture with you all. Makes me smile.