Friday, March 21, 2008

Frustrating Night

Have any of you moms felt frustrated after going to a church service and ending up downstairs or in a nursery and missing the whole service because your child is being too loud? That's what happened to me last night. We went to Shcwer (the church that Chris grew up in) for Connor's (our nephew) first communion. It is a Lutheran church, so there is not much activity during the service so you are sitting most of the time. Kinley was exhausted from playing outside yesterday and getting a short nap, so he was being very disruptive to the very quiet service. I ended up down in the basement since the church doesn't really have a nursery for the hour and a half service and missed the communion service. In the van and when we got home I felt very frustrated for a long time and I don't think I was very nice to my husband. When I got into bed at 9:30, after Kinley finally fell asleep which took awhile because he was overtired, Chris informed me that I was grumpy. I know it really isn't very logical to feel that way, but I have to admit so very firery feelings!

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Laura said...

Join the crowd Mandy...yer not alone in yer frustration. Wed night was the same for us...although our pastor very kindly has 1/2 hour music and 1/2 preaching so us with kids can get them into bed at a decent time. i thought that was so sweet of them. but still, the 1/2 hour of preaching can get long if yer trying to keep gabe corraled. we thought we would try to keep him in the sanctuary on wed nights so he can start learning the quiet process...may take awhile....i would just much rather sit in church than be in the nursery. sundays are awesome cuz he's in sunday school now! yipee! tis the season of life we are in, eh?