Friday, October 24, 2008

Birthday Party

We had Kinley's birthday party Sunday night at Mom's house. Unfortunately I didn't get too many pictures, but mom did, so she is printing some off for me. Kinley loved it! I made him a "farm" cake with a barn and animals on it. He ended up eating his cake and ice-cream off of a plastic pig instead of a spoon. :) He loves animals right now. He really enjoyed opening all of his presents and has been busy playing with his new animals from G'pa and G'ma Johnson and feeding them plastic food my mom got him for his kitchen. He is a riot right now coming up with his own little games and things to do. He definetely has a better imagination than me. I still can't believe he is two! What a precious gift he is.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"To Me"

Kinley Paul,

You turned two today and I really can't believe you are that old already. When I ask you how old you are you smile your great smile and say "two". I was singing happy birthday to you this morning and you decided to add "to me" at the end. :) You make me smile all of the time, and I love you so much! Your favorite things to do right now are: puzzles "pupples", wrestle with Daddy, and watch you doggy movie (Lady and the Tramp II). You can say a lot of the farm animals names and what sounds they make and you are starting to put words together to form sentences, even though a lot of times I can only make out one or two words. :) You still love crackers, but have broadened your taste buds and like pretty much anything especially fruits. I love you my little man and pray that you will continue to grow into a mighty man of God!


Your Mommy

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Kinley has been doing three puzzles that A. Sally gave us awhile ago for hours the last few days-literally. It's so funny to watch him do them over and over and not get tired of them. Of course they all have animals on them which he loves right now too. This morning he has been sitting in his highchair for an hour already content to do one puzzle over and over. (note pictures) I am enjoying this stage in his life a lot. Not really because of the puzzles, but because he is starting to talk a lot more and it is cute to hear him say so many things. Not so cute that he learned "mine" I think from his older girl cousins at Leah's birthday party. Thursday he started saying it a lot. Oh well . . . he is also playing a lot more by himself and entertains himself more which is nice for me-even though I do enjoy playing with him too. :) Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend! We have two weiny roasts to enjoy! Yummy!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Favorite Five

I would have to say my top five things are:

1. "Bear-bear"-Kinley's very soft bear/blankie that he loves to snuggle with and has to have for naps and bedtime. It is always great too when he gets hurt. We have 2 to rotate when one is being washed.
2. divided bowls by tupperware--I use them for every meal at home except breakfast and they are great to take to restaraunts too. They come with lids so you can stick a spoon in and some fruit or whatever when you know you are going to be eating out.
3. Children't Ibuprofin-I agree with you Lindsey. I prefer this to tylenol. I always make sure I have some in the house.
4. I know I'm copying Sally, but I'd have to say my super comfy rocking chair Chris got me when I was expecting Kinley. It is great to rock in for both of us!
5. My footstool that Marci gave me to use with my rocking chair. We didn't have room for the big one that came with the chair. But this little wooden one is just the right height for my feet to be comfy.