Saturday, August 30, 2008

Growing Up

Well, I think it is official. Kinley is really going to be turning two in October. The last few weeks it seems that he has really "grown up" too fast. New things he has learned include but are not limited to:
* Learning to turn his light on and off in his room since he can reach his lightswitch now. (I have to pull his crib away from the wall at night otherwise he thinks he needs his light on.)
* Every morning when I go in to get him he makes sure the "cock-a-doos" are still outside his window (our neighbors have about 30).
* Daddy works with "pigs" (we went to visit Daddy at work this week and he asks at lest 5 times a day "Daddy-bye-bye-pigs?" One day he even thought he was going to walk to see Daddy and the pigs. When I caught up to him before he made it to the road I asked him where he was going since he never heads for the road and he says "Daddy-Pigs" so matter of factly I had to smile. It wasn't very easy to convince him that he couldn't walk to see daddy and the pigs.)
*How to pull a 12 pack of pop out from under the microwave stand to stand on it to reach the buttons on the microwave.
He is so precious to us and we are so thankful for the sweet boy God has given us. I just can't believe he is growing up so fast!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kinley's First Camping Extravaganza

So, Kinley and I got to go camping at Turkey Run Sunday night and Monday night with Grandma Susie, The Parmenter clan, and Jess and Drew. Kinley did very well for his first camping experience. He didn't get much time to run since he would head straight for all of the tress with poisen ivy all over or the road. So, he spent a lot of time in his stroller at the camp sight. Hopefully Sally will post some pics, as I did not get my camera out. Silly me. I have to admit the first night was pretty miserable for Mommy. We got to bed late to start with, Kinley finally falling asleep in the pack-n-play. We didn't zip the camper up, so it was freezing in the middle of the night, so Kinley ended up on the bunk with Anna and I. I didn't sleep at all since I couldn't hardly move to get comfortable and I had to make sure Anna didn't roll on or kick kinley since she moves a lot in her sleep. The next morning we went for a hike. For any of you who have been to Turkey Run, we made the smart decision to take the ladder trail with Kinley on my back in a back pack and David on Erik's back in a packpack. My legs were jell-o by the time we got to the ladders and my heart was beating wildly as I took Kinley down those ladders. We should have chosen an easier trail! Anyway, the rest of the day went pretty smoothly. That night Kinley and I had a bunk to ourselves, so once he got to sleep we both slept pretty good until 2:30am when I HAD to go to the bathroom. No choice. So, I found my flashlight, put pillows on the edge of the bed, prayed that Kinley would not wake up and roll off of the bunk, and took the hike up the hill and to the bathroom. All went well until the way back to the camper when my flashlight started to go out. I proceeded to run the rest of the way back to the camper to beat the fading flashlight. I finally made it back and into my warm bad to find Kinley still asleep. Thanks God! The next day I took Jess and Drew horseback riding, which was fun! I always love to do that even if they do walk nose to butt the whole time. All in all I'm glad we went, but I think I could wait another year to go again. :)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Zoo Time

Chris, Kinley, and I went to Brookfield Zoo yesterday with Chris' Mom and Dad, his two sisters and their families. It was a lot of fun, but a very long day for all of us. Kinley did really well considering we got there right when he normally takes his nap. He loved the animals and getting carried around on everyone's shoulders. I was a little disappointed that some of the animals were hiding, but I think my favorite was the lion. I will try to post the picture I got sometime soon. Such a symbol of strength.

We also all went to my 10 year high-school reunion Saturday night. It was interesting and a bit sad to see everyone there. I did enjoy talking to my friend Ginger that I never see anymore. It was fun to let our kids play together and chat. Time goes by so quickly and I wonder if they even know what it is truely all about.