Friday, February 29, 2008

My Mommy

Tonight Kinley and I went to Marci and Ben's house for pizza. It was just Marci and the girls and Kinley and I which was nice. Although both Marci and I are ready for our husbands to be home! After pizza we were sitting on the floor playing with the kids. Kinley likes to "tackle" me when I sit on the floor, which of course he started to do. I fall backwards when he runs at me, and he thinks this is great fun. Well, Abby thought it looked like fun as well, so she grabbed onto my legs to tackle me too. Kinley, however, did not find this fun. He started crying. I tried to play with both of them, but eventually Marci had to grab Abby because Kinley did NOT want to share his mommy tonight! Being honest moms, doesn't it make you feel good when your kids want you all to themselves? I know I probably am in the need of feeling "needed" even more right now when Chris is gone. I'm sure it won't be as cute if he is still doing it when (no we are not pregnant) he has a little brother or sister around. Ah well. . . it made my heart smile tonight.
Good night everyone . . . it is only 8pm and I'm thinking about hitting the hay!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Blow Me a Kiss

Kinley has started blowing kisses the last week. I of course think this is adorable, so I thought I would share it with all of you.
We now have only six more nights and seven days without daddy left! It is count down time! So . . . pucker up!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Long Days without Daddy

Well, we finally have our computer working again after a week and a half. I was surprised at how much I missed it once it was gone! Today is our eighth day without Chris. He is in India having an amazing time! God is moving "like a river" there right now. I can't wait to have my husband back, but I know his life is being changed forever while he is away. They finished a three day crusade on Sunday night and had 4-5,000 people there! Hundreds were healed and many were saved. Chris and Sean (another guy from our church) were almost crushed be people wanting prayer. What an awesome time!
On the home front, our furnace broke the first night Chris was gone and our house got down to 45 degrees. I put Kinley in bed with me so we would stay warm and of course neither of us slept well. We did get it fixed the next night though. I now have a window open to let in some cool air because it is so warm in here, but I'm afraid to turn it off because I don't know how to light it again! Oh well, we'll survive. I also had to pick out a new dryer by myself today! Hope it is a good pick because it is being delivered this afternoon!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Anything Wrong With This?

One of Kinley's favorite things to do right now is empty Chris and my sock/underwear drawer. I don't seem to have a problem when he pulls Chris' boxers out (clean of course), but when I find him like this . . . I'm not so sure. :) Last night I finally sorted all our socks again so we can find matches when we need them and turned the drawers around so he can't get in them. He has gone there several times today and tried to get into the socks. I hear frustrated little sounds and then he comes back out and goes to play with something else. Ahhh. . . I will finally be able to grab a pair of socks again without taking 20 minutes to find ones that match!