Friday, February 29, 2008

My Mommy

Tonight Kinley and I went to Marci and Ben's house for pizza. It was just Marci and the girls and Kinley and I which was nice. Although both Marci and I are ready for our husbands to be home! After pizza we were sitting on the floor playing with the kids. Kinley likes to "tackle" me when I sit on the floor, which of course he started to do. I fall backwards when he runs at me, and he thinks this is great fun. Well, Abby thought it looked like fun as well, so she grabbed onto my legs to tackle me too. Kinley, however, did not find this fun. He started crying. I tried to play with both of them, but eventually Marci had to grab Abby because Kinley did NOT want to share his mommy tonight! Being honest moms, doesn't it make you feel good when your kids want you all to themselves? I know I probably am in the need of feeling "needed" even more right now when Chris is gone. I'm sure it won't be as cute if he is still doing it when (no we are not pregnant) he has a little brother or sister around. Ah well. . . it made my heart smile tonight.
Good night everyone . . . it is only 8pm and I'm thinking about hitting the hay!


Kim said...

It's nice to be wanted. I concur. Noah's more into Dave right now, which admittedly, being this OK too. I'm glad that Kinley is in tune with what his mommy needs. :-)

Jody L. said...

Enjoy it because boys go through a stage where they begin to cling to their father. I look forward to seeing you this weekend. Tell Marci that she needs a blog too.