Saturday, March 15, 2008

Careful Climber

Kinley has started to climb this week. It started when I pulled out some tubs to sort through his clothes to see what we needed to get for the summer. He decided it would be fun to pull himself up onto the tub, which at first was very cute. He would get on top sit there and clap for himself. (Daddy and Mommy clapped also.) However, he then started to stand on top of the tub. That was really fine too as long as I was right there to hand onto him. Later that evening I was in the middle of watching American Idol-which I have become addicted to thanks to Olivia-when I looked in the living room and saw Kinley standing on top of the tub clapping. Well . . . the tubs got put away very quickly. He is started to pull up on furniture and things too though. I am thankful that he seems to be careful when he wants to get down. He doesn't just walk off of things or jump. He actually waits for me to come and get him down. I'll try and catch him in action sometime soon. Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!


Laura said...

Ha hava monkey boy too!
Life will never be dull with boys in our house, eh?
Thanks for the invite tonite but we are watching the Illinois game and supper with Doc. We hope to be there when Mannings are! It's been way toooooooo long and now that Jason is on our worship team, it will be even less I'm afraid (unless are you guys back to Sunday night services?)
Hava good week....we need to get together soonly!

Kim said...

You should see the bruises, cuts, and black eyes that Noah has gotten from being a monkey and climbing on things. You'd think he'd learn soon, but alas...he is ALL boy.

Sally Parmenter said...

Did I tell you that when Kinley came into the nursery last night, he came right over and gave David a hug? You have such a sweet MONKEY! I think you will succeed! He will be romantic with his wife and dance with her someday!