Monday, April 7, 2008

What is that?

Well, I had my first experience with Kinley pooping in the bathtub Sunday morning. Yuck! At first I just looked at it floating there thinking what is that? Then it struck me as I grabbed Kinley right before he touched it. With Kinley screaming because he loves his bath, I got it out, let the water drain, wiped the tub out with clorox wipes, then refilled the tub with water for him. He of course quit crying as soon as I put him back in the tub. I just hope that is the last experience with poop in the bathtub! :)


Laura said...

ha ha, i still haven't experienced that yet ;) hey as far as sat night how about supper? want to meet around 430 or 5?

Jody said...

I have some great stories about poop in the tub. By the way, a litter box scoop works really well for things like that.

Kim said...

That's really funny because Noah pooped in the tub the first time on Saturday! Thankfully, Mom Y. was in charge and I ddidn't have to clean it.