Friday, April 4, 2008

God is Good.

I have to admit that the last few months I have not been spending time in the word or much in prayer. I'm just so thankful that God gently draws us near again and again even when we have been unfaithful to Him. He really spoke to my heart this Wednesday and I just need to share. On the way to Olivia's house for Bible study I was praying for forgiveness for being lazy in my relationship with Him. Then, when I get there, Marci shares that God gave her a verse out of Isaiah. It was about women at ease and complacent with God and of course how we should NOT BE. It was such a conviction to my heart! We spent some time in prayer listening to what God would have to say to us and God spoke to me: Col. 3:2, which I had no idea what that verse was. When I went there it was: "Set your mind on heavenly things not on the things on the earth." As many of you know I have been wanting to add on or move for quite some time now. In and of itself is probably not a bad thing, but it had been consuming me. It was also taking a toll on my relationship with Chris. I know I need to submit to Chris in this decision and ultimately to Christ. This verse brought me back to the realization that the things of this earth don't really matter, and I need to keep my eyes and heart on Him!


Laura said...

oh mandy...God is so good...all the time...God showed me that verse in Isaiah also yesterday and colossians (which i blogged about colossians) amazing how God loves us even when we don't keep our love for Him on fire at all times.
love you!

Sally Parmenter said...

Thanks sister for the ice-cream and movie:) I am planning on making Erik watch it tonight:) Although I might not make it through it all because I plan to SLEEP many hours tonight! I am thankful that God has gently been speaking to you this week. I will definitely be ready to go to Bible study next week! Thanks for listening to my "sickness" ramblings. I do feel like I am starting to come out of this fog tonight although I am very tired! Hopefully, you will see some of the Parmenters at church tomorrow!

Kim said...