Friday, April 11, 2008

Exciting Times

Well, it was an eventful night last night. Kinley decided to climb to a standing position on a kitchen chair to get to Daddy's cigarettes last night. Side note: Chris is still struggling with this so please pray for him. Anyway, he had put them up on a shelf we have in the kitchen. We were in the other room watching American Idol when I heard Kinley start to gag. I ran into the kitchen and found him spitting pieces of cigarette onto the floor. He had only put one in his mouth and thankfully we found most of it on the floor. Needless to say we had a tense couple of minutes. I have to admit I lost it for a few moments. The event didn't seem to effect Kinley a whole lot besides crying when we told him no. He acted fine and went to bed fine 20 minutes later and slept all night. I on the other hand checked to make sure he was still breathing before I went to bed and didn't sleep real well the rest of the night.
On a brighter side, Sally, Anna, and David and Marci, Emma, Leah, Abby, Kinley and I went to a petting zoo today put on by the FFA kids in Crescent City. They enjoyed the animals. Kinley especially liked the turkeys. His cousin Cory let him in the pen with some goats and little pigs. Then we went to the playland at McDonalds in Kentland, which was fun. Kinley is sound asleep now and I am hoping he takes a really long nap today. Well, have a great weekend!

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Laura said...

petting zoos are so fun! a friend and i just took our kids a couple wks ago to prairie central's ffa one. i miss my kentland friends and mcdonalds there...believe it or not...just don't miss working there..ha ha....i'm hoping to head over you guys way and spend more time once the weather gets nice and stays nice.