Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Stranger Anxiety?

This morning I attended a women's Bible study at Trinity church in Watseka. It was a new experience for me, since we do not attend that church. Anyway, they have three very nice older ladies who stay in the nursery with the little ones. I was expecting Kinley to be a little clingy when I dropped him off considering it was a new place and new people, but he went right to one of the ladies and didn't even look back. I have to admit that my heart hurt a little at first, but it was really nice being able to sit through a Bible study and not have to think about where Kinley was or what he was putting into his mouth (you would be surprised at what he can fit in his mouth). They even have pagers that they can call you on if they need you for some reason. I will definetely be back next week!

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Jody L. said...

Wow, high class! Sounds like fun, I hope the Bible study is worth sticking to. It would be a great form of therapy during the mundane week.