Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Last Day of January

I can't believe today is the last day of January. It went by way to fast. I am trying to find quiet things to do right now because both Kinley and Chris are sleeping. Chris is home from work sick and it is Kinley's usual nap time. I am praying that I don't catch the flu bug since Kinley was throwing up Saturday night and Sunday and now Chris' stomach is upset. I really don't want to get sick! Time to get out the Clorox bleach wipes again!
I am finding that Kinley defenitely has a mind of his own since he is starting to throw little "fits" when I have to say no or take something away. They don't last long thankfully, but I'm not sure I'm ready for this stage yet. I guess he isn't going to ask my permission to throw "fits". For some reason he really wants to get under the computer desk and play with the cords and stuff. That is our biggest struggle most days. I try to barricade it, but he continues to squeeze himself in until he is stuck and then mom needs to rescue him.
Well, I think I might actually lay down for awhile before anyone else wakes up!


Jody L. said...

What happened to Anna? Sally left a comment that says she has a cast on her ankle. I left another comment on my blog in response to her comment, but I doubt if she will look at it again to see if I wrote something back to her. Sometimes it is easy to reply to comments by leaving another comment just below it. Did you understand any of this? XOXO

Sally Parmenter said...

Mandy--check have entered the craziness!

Kim said...

Hey Mandy! Sally gave me the link to your blog. Good to see that we can "keep up" in the bloggy world. :-)