Thursday, January 17, 2008


Well, Kinley is on Antibiotics for the first time. He has a really bad cough, sore throat, and red ears. I really don't like giving him medicine, and I need to keep giving him motrin as well as the antibiotics. At least he is sleeping well at night. I'm just praying that Chris and I don't get it too, but I don't think we will. I feel so helpless to help him when he feels sick.

A little tangent, but how do you keep kids from throwing their bath toys out of the bathtub and soaking the whole bathroom? I say no and put them back in, but he thinks that is a game.


Jody L. said...

Take out all of the toys that hold a lot of water. Put down a towel and let him grow out of it. You can keep saying no, but don't expect too much at that age. Sam has a nasty cold right now, I know how you feel.

Ben & Jenny said...

Ahhh, the throwing stage. At least it is just water and not table food, yet!