Monday, November 17, 2008


I took Kinley to see our Nurse Practitioner today to talk to her about possibly putting Kinley on Singulair, which is a medicine that helps prevent asthma and allergy attacks. We have been in the emergency room four times this year with him because of wheezy breathing due to asthma attacks we think. Nurse Debbie thinks it is a good idea to try it with him since she hasn't ever had anyone have bad side effects from it, and it would probably prevent us from having to go to the E.R. I go back and forth because I hate the idea of having him on medicine all of the time, but I also hate watching my baby suffer when he has a hard time breathing. What do all you Mamas think?
As a side note: Kinley is 27 inches long and 30.4 lbs. He is so tall! I feel like I've got a monkey hanging on me when I'm carrying him around. That's ok though-he's a cute monkey! :)


Jenny said...

It is hard to think about putting your child on a med. But for me, I think I fall into the boat where I am thankful for meds that prevent possibly dangerous situations. The ER is a scary place and if I could make it so my child didn't ever have to go there, I would.

Smileyface said...

I have to agree with Jenny. Gabe is having the wheezy thing going on off and on and we're wondering if he's going to inherit jason's ashthma and allergy issues. Have you guys tried the nebulizer with Albuterol solution? I do this with Gabe only when he needs it so that way he doesn't have to be on meds consistently

The Timothy's said...

i think you have to do what will make him less miserable if this can prevent all the er trips I would do it