Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Emergency Room Again!

Well . . . my Mother's Day morning was spent in the ER with Kinley. As you know, I wrote a couple of days ago about Kinley having a bad cold. Well, Sunday morning he was wheezing again and couldn't breathe very well. So, we took him to the ER. They gave him a breathing treatment, took a chest x-ray, checked for RSV, etc. The breathing treatment helped plus a little steriod to open up his lungs. He tested negative for RSV. His x-ray looked like the beginning of viral pneumonia. So . . . he is now getting 4 breathing treatments a day at home and is on an antibiotic. We also bought a humidifier for his bedroom. He is doing much better but tires very easily. One interesting thing is that both times this has happened it has been a week after his shots. Any connection? I don't know. It could be some type of allergy or asthma. We are just praying for a complete healing for him!


Heath and Lindsey said...

Sorry to hear about
kinley. hope he recovers quickly. weird, though. jack got a rotavirus vaccine last week, that is supposed to protect from flu stuff, and this week he has had poo coming out the wazoo! go figure?

Laura said...

i always wonder if the shots do something....ya know, they are just injecting our poor kids with some poison from the actual diseases so no wonder they get infections afterwards! we'll pray for the little man ;)