Friday, May 9, 2008

Doggy Bye Bye

Just one more thought. Tonight I went for a walk after putting Kinley down for bed. I was almost back home when one of our neighbors' dogs (which they never keep track of) started growling at me and running at me. He got right on my heals and followed me for awhile growling the whole time. I seriously thought he was going to take a chunk out of my tushie. Chris has also experienced this same dog in our yard growling at him when he has stepped outside to "get fresh air". Do you think it would be ok for me to mention this to our neighbors? I don't appreciate being growled at, and I really don't want Kinley around that dog. Chris told me he was going to get me a paint ball gun so I can shoot it when it comes in our yard and then call animal control. I thought I should just get a bee bee (spelling?) gun and let it know we don't appreciate it in our yard. Seriously though? Any thoughts?


Laura said...

i would say something definatley since you have kinley...they should understand ,eh? otherwise if they don't, then definatley go for the beebee gun! my brothers and i shot at many pesky dogs in our past and they sceered them away!

The Timothy's said...

it is so hard when it comes to neighbors but you should say somrthing for sure with Kinley it could become a big problem fast. ?You dont want him to become afraid of dogs. We have a neighbor who leaves his dog out all the time he never shuts up it is driving me nuts. I need to talk to our neighbor to. I know ill talk to your neighbor and you can talk to mine. hehehe

Chad & Alison said...

A "22" and a shovel in the dark?