Monday, September 28, 2009

Apple and Pork Anyone?

Yesterday I went to the Apple/Pork Festival in Clinton, IL with Leslie (mom-in-law), Tammy and Sara (sis-in-laws), and Cory and Emily (nephew and neice). I secretly went for the food and the company of course. I had a yummy baked potato, some of an onion blossom, and some of a funnel cake. Yummy! I did end up buying two dining room table chairs that will go with the table Leslie is giving us as soon as our addition is done. I got them both for $20. Yippee! I also bought some caramel cheesecake fudge. Haven't eaten it yet, but it is tempting every time I open the fridge. It was a fun day with family. :) Today I am spending relaxing-kind of-at home with my two little munchins. I missed them yesterday even though it was nice to have some mom time away. They are currently both sleeping which is such a peaceful part of the day. :)

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