Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"To Me"

Kinley Paul,

You turned two today and I really can't believe you are that old already. When I ask you how old you are you smile your great smile and say "two". I was singing happy birthday to you this morning and you decided to add "to me" at the end. :) You make me smile all of the time, and I love you so much! Your favorite things to do right now are: puzzles "pupples", wrestle with Daddy, and watch you doggy movie (Lady and the Tramp II). You can say a lot of the farm animals names and what sounds they make and you are starting to put words together to form sentences, even though a lot of times I can only make out one or two words. :) You still love crackers, but have broadened your taste buds and like pretty much anything especially fruits. I love you my little man and pray that you will continue to grow into a mighty man of God!


Your Mommy


Smileyface said...

Happy Birthday to Jason's Birthday buddy! Can't believe he's 2 already! Time is just goin' too fast ;(
Got any free dates coming up to head our way for a cookout/RISK?

Jody said...

Do you have any birthday plans in the works?

Heath and Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday Kinley. We can't wait to see how big you are at Thanksgiving. Be good for your Mommy and Daddy!

The Timothy's said...

I cant believe he is two now. Man time flies. I loved your letter to him it was sweet.

mjvan said...

We are going to have his party this Sunday evening at Mom's since our house is too little to hold everyone. :)