Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Colds are the Worst!

Chris, Kinley, and I have all had summer colds this week. Yuck! I think we are finally all feeling better although Kinley and I still have runny noses a little. Kinley was up four or five times in the night . . . I think he is getting his bottom eye teeth. Ouch! Hope they don't take too long.
Continue to pray for Mom and Erik. They get back Friday from Guatemala. I can't wait to hear all that God has done!
Chris started his second "hobby" job again for the summer. I'm not looking forward to the next four or five weeks since we probably won't see him much. Kinley won't see him at all a lot of days since he will go straight from the piggies to the roof. :( Pray for us . . . that we would be loving towards eachother. It is always hard for me when we don't get much time to talk or be together.
Sorry this is such a random blog. :)


Laura said...

we love you guys and will definatley be praying :)
sorry i won't be able to make it thursday night, i had already made plans before i knew about the party and if you can't make it thursday with the girls, don't feel bad...we can get together after that you and i ;)

SLP said...

Sorry I missed your party sister! I will talk to you tomorrow. Your the best little sister EVER! Thanks for being here for me every day, but especailly these past two weeks. I appreciate that you always listen to me:)