Friday, February 26, 2010

8 Months

Well, our little Joshua is 8 months old as of February 19th. He is still a very relaxed, easy baby. He hasn't even started rolling around on the floor yet, he just lays there and watches Kinley or entertains himself with whatever toys are lying near. Honestly, it is a lot easier for me being mommy, but I wonder when he will decide to move? Anywho, he is also teething his four top teeth right now and wants to chew on everything. He's still smiley though for the most part.
Kinley is a great big brother, however, he has started to get upset if Joshua reaches for his animals or blocks . . . the fun begins. He gives Joshua lots of hugs and kisses though and wants him close most of the time throughout the day.

In other news: Olivia and Jake tied the knot this past Saturday. It was a beautiful wedding and a fun reception! So happy for them both! It was a great date night for Chris and I since the boys spent the night at Chris' mom and dad's house. We even got to dance a couple of dances! Can't remember the last time we did that?

House news: All we have left is a little electrical, which should get done tomorrow, and then we can have inspections and move in!!!! I'm a little excited!!!!

Sorry for the random post!


Kim said...

Joshua is getting so big! Callie didn't crawl until she was 10 months...and Noah flipped out when she started grabbing for his toys...wait, he still does.

Excited for you guys to move into the new addition! Fun!

Hooker said...
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