Tuesday, December 22, 2009

6 Months

Well, my Joshua David. You turned 6 months on Dec. 19th. I can't believe you are that big already! It seems like just yesterday you were a teeny baby in my arms. You have to be one of the easiest babies ever. You wake up happy around 7 or 7:30am, drink a bottle sometime soon after that, although you don't fuss for it. You look around for big brother Kinley and wonder where he is. Then you are fully entertained for an hour or so when Kinley does get up. Mommy kisses you and lays you in your bed for a short morning nap which you don't fuss about. Then you get up again and take another bottle and are happy again until it is afternoon nap time, which you don't fuss about either. I think you are like your mommy, you like your sleep!!! :) When you wake up from nap you take another bottle and have some oatmeal cereal, which you really enjoy and then you are happy to watch Kinley or Mommy until Daddy comes home and then you give Daddy big smiles which makes his day. You take another short nap, wake up, take another bottle, and then go down for the night. I love you so much my little guy! I try to enjoy every moment I get to hold and snuggle you because I know the time goes so fast. I pray that you come to know Jesus young and that you cling to Him forever. You make my heart smile, Joshua, and I am so thankful for God's gift of your life!

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The Timothy's said...

oh where does time go. it seams like yesterday we were all pregnant but now all the babies are getting so big.