Saturday, October 10, 2009

Crib or Bed?

I am trying to decide if we should put Kinley in a regular bed or keep his crib up for awhile. He has started climbing out of his crib this week. So far it has only been when he is ready to get up in the morning and after his nap. So . . . part of me thinks he is ready for a bed and wouldn't do to bad in it. But . . . we will be moving him into his new room hopefully in the next month or two and I'm not sure I want him to have too many new things all at once. Any suggestions? I also have access to a crib tent and could go that way for awhile too. Decisions, decisions.


Smileyface said...

We found the crib tent life savers literally with both the kids.....and doing the transition twice that close together may result in less sleep for mama!
I vote crib tents for monkies and big boy bed when new room is done;)

SLP said...

I think I vote with Laura...1 BIG transition instead of several in between stages. But I'm sure he'll be fine either way:) And yes I'll help you rearrange again if that's what you decide:)

The Timothy's said...

i agree with both ladies do the tent. I rushed it to soon with both of the girls and Seriah was fine but with Teleah it started a bad sleep pattern that she didnt have until she had the freedom.