Friday, March 6, 2009

Beautiful Day!!!

Did anyone else get outside and enjoy this beautiful day? Kinley and I went for a walk--not a real long one since I haven't exercised all winter so I need to build up slowly with this little pouch on my belly. :) It felt so good to be outside though and Kinley loved it. After our walk we stopped and played with the neighbors since they were out and Kinley got to see the chickens again after a long winter. Our neighbors also got a cute little dog named Gordy so Kinley loved that as well. I hope this weather stays or at least comes back to stay soon!
My A. Connie and A. Carolyn came for lunch today too which was fun. Kinley loved having company and more attention of course. :) A. Connie brought him a little bunny and duck which he hasn't let out of his sight. :) I hope you enjoyed this glorious day!

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